Bauhaus Design


SIGMARAIL® - The modern version of Bauhaus design style

Bauhaus – founded by Walter Gropius at Weimar in 1919 – has been the most famous German Art and Design line of the Classical Modern Period. The works of art that had been produced at the so-called ‘Bauhaus’ between 1919 and 1933 have influenced ever since the understanding of architecture and design world-wide.

"Art and technology“ was the motto of Bauhaus. Breaking up with currently accepted aesthetical norms made Bauhaus the embodiment of the Modern Age. In the workshops, furniture, textiles, or household appliances were created from the standpoint of funtionalism and the ability of industrial production. Simple and clear forms in design and architecture ruled the work.

The maxim was that every product – "a vessel, a chair, a house – must serve its purpose perfectly, and its function practically, must be durable, cheap and beautiful." The ‘Brettstuhl’ (a chair consisting of simple boards) or the tubular steel furniture of Marcel Breuer, the Bauhaus table lamp of Wagenfeld epitomize the classical Modern Period and have been produced at least a million times to this day.

The Rack System SIGMARAIL® follow this tradition of Bauhaus design. Its simple elegance and the accomplished patented functionalism are a perfect modern interpretation of Bauhaus style. In SIGMARAIL®, you have this very day the chance to buy a classic of tomorrow.



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