Jewel of your home


The Rack System SIGMARAIL® fits into every living condition. The rails’ surface reflects the individual colours of your residence, and thus the Rack System is perfectly integrated – a real eye-catcher for which you will be envied by every visitor of yours:


Above your hifi-set

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SIGMARAIL® fits excellently above your hifi-set. Free space of one metre is already sufficient, and your favourite CDs have found a new place. With the CD stand SIGMARAIL® , they are permanently ready to hand. You won’t get it more practically.


Below sloping ceilings
In attic storeys, you often have a situation when trying to hang up spacious shelves. Because of its modularity you can accommodate individually SIGMARAIL® to the conditions of your home. So it fits perfectly under sloping ceilings and can be mounted below pitched roofs.


At great walls
With SIGMARAIL®, you may create a new attraction in your home which will fill you and your friends with enthusiasm: Combine a kind of mosaic by the colourful covers of your most beautiful CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays and arrange your own individual work of art.


Effective reflections
On empty spaces, you’ll see an interesting light-and-shadow play. This stems from the special aluminium profile of SIGMARAIL® which is adapted from the Greek letter Sigma. With other racks you would see nothing but your wallpaper or a boring blankness at the same place.



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