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patented one-hand control


The Rack System with noble elegance and perfect function
They are still there – those well thought-out functional everyday products beautiful in design but also even better and more clever than other comparable products. Consistently reduced design, clear use of forms are the essential elements of the SIGMARAIL® CD-, DVD- and Blu-ray Rack System, and thereby create a kind of classical masterpiece in Bauhaus tradition – a perfect addition to your present CD, DVD or Blu-ray storage.


A real designer piece for lovers of Bauhaus

Eventually, the artistic covers of your favourite CDs, DVDs, or Blu-rays get the position they are entitled to – in the SIGMARAIL® Rack System. Simple and clear forms ensure that it becomes a feast for the eye – and likewise your music and movie collection a piece of art.
Thanks to the solid anodised aluminium with its fine mat shining surface, SIGMARAIL® owns an enormous value: a personal tip for connoisseurs and lovers of never-aging design and highest quality.
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The patented functionalism - a real pleasure

Many design products look great but don’t work properly. Our SIGMARAIL® Rack System is different. Its unique tilting function has been patented and lets the usage become a piece of cake: With one grab you can remove covers conveniently from any place one-handed – without moving the surrounding covers!
See an animation of the CD tilting function


Many varieties of SIGMARAIL® – from small to extra large

We’ve compiled attractive product packages for you – from single rails for 5 or 7 covers up to the huge set of seven rails for 49 covers altogether. Every set is open to enlargement...


Several advantages speak in favour of SIGMARAIL®

Our CD Rack, DVD Rack, or Blu-ray Rack is the personal tip for connoisseurs with style: simple elegance, high valency because of solid material, unlimited expandability, and exclusiveness are only a few of the advantages of SIGMARAIL®.
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Modern interpretation of Bauhaus design style
Simple and clear forms – that’s SIGMARAIL®! With its never-aging design and its eternal beauty the Rack System is a modern representative of Bauhaus – that period of style that has bestowed numerous classical items of furniture upon us.
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