The jewel of your home
Your new CD rack, DVD rack or Blu-ray rack will become an individual eye-catcher in your living-room. Owning a SIGMARAIL® demonstrates that you love the extraordinary – your guests will be astonished! Because of its modular system and flexibility, SIGMARAIL® can be adopted to all living situations.
Look at SIGMARAIL in diverse situations


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single SIGMARAIL CD-Rail

set of 6 above the stereo

objet d'art


below the pichted roof

behind the sofa...

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The eye-catcher of your shop or cafe bar
A beautiful ambiance promotes your business – the customers feel at ease and come back more regularly. In every place where CDs are played you can decorate your show rooms and premises with an additional eye-catcher – our SIGMARAIL CD Rack System. Perfect for clubs and the professional DJ - your guests will be astonished!
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patented single-hand operation

in the music bar

below the pichted roof

Customer feedback: "super fast and friendly, very elegant product"


Set your creativity free
Instead of the regular CD booklets, put your own photos into the covers and arrange them in your SIGMARAIL® CD rack.

Cut up huge posters or art prints into 12x12 cm squares and divide them into several CD-covers. Arrange your regular CDs all around it – so e.g. you create out of the concert poster of your favourite (pop-) star and his or her CDs a noticeable eye-catcher.

Put some uni-coloured squares instead of the regular CD booklets into the covers fitting to the individual design of your home, and so provide some spots of colour in your residence.


San Francisco in your SIGMARAIL

eye-catcher display

along the wall

Customer feedback: "High quality product, nice contact and fast shipping. Thank you very much!!"


Massive aluminium and the robust, clear anodised surface make SIGMARAIL® a product for eternity. The functional profile shape of the rails was designed according to the Greek capital letter Sigma (the Sum-Symbol) to gain an ageless and classic design.


side profile

close-up 1

close-up 2



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