Many advantages argue for SIGMARAIL®


Noble elegance:
If you love the extraordinary, with SIGMARAIL® you get a product with style. Its consistently reduced design will please you even in years to come.

High valency:
Heavy, precious aluminium makes your new CD Rack System, DVD Rack System, or Blu-ray Rack System a product for eternity.

Everlasting beauty:
The anodised surface lasts a life long, rejects dirt and fingerprints, and is practical and insensitive against scratches. Hereby, your SIGMARAIL® always appears beautiful and clean.

Gorgeous reflections:
Due to the special profile form of SIGMARAIL®, you’ll see an interesting light-and-shadow play on empty spaces. With other racks you would see nothing but a boring uni-coloured background at the same place. So, SIGMARAIL® is even without covers a real eye-catcher.

Unlimited expandability:
SIGMARAIL® is a modular rack system. Thereby you can extend your SIGMARAIL® combination step by step – as often and huge as you like...

You’ll get all you need to fix SIGMARAIL® on the wall immediately when delivered: the rack rails, connecting pieces, and fixation materials. So you can hang up your stand without delay and no need to got to the DIY superstore first.

Uncomplicated do-it-yourself installation:
There are detailed, illustrated installation instructions enclosed with every SIGMARAIL®. With them, even technical amateurs can mount the stand in a fix.

"Made in Germany":
SIGMARAIL® is produced in a costly technical manufacturing method (extrusion) in Germany. This is a guarantee of highest quality.

Protection of patterns and design:
The integrated tilting function to move CD, DVD, or Blu-ray covers has been protected by the German Patent Office with the registered pattern No. 203 10 469.2. So you can be sure that cheap imitation products will never spoil your pleasure with your original SIGMARAIL®.

Being an innovative novelty, SIGMARAIL® has first come to see the light of day recently. Therefore it is the CD rack, DVD rack and Blu-ray rack not already talk of the town and owned by any Tom, Dick or Harry. It can be ordered from LOWKON object|design exclusively and is a kind of personal tip for connoisseurs loving the extraordinary.



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