SIGMARAIL« functionality (using the example of CD covers):


Perfect design for perfect function
You can remove your CDs in your CD Rack System SIGMARAIL® with the greatest of ease – with just one hand! See for yourself:


If you want to insert a different disc in your CD player swiftly, one grasp suffices, and you’ve got the CD you want in your hand; you needn’t even move the adjacent CDs.


Easy to remove CDs
You’ve always got access to your favourite CD without lengthy search: Simply press on the CD you want – it turns forward straight away, and you can take it.


Easy to insert CDs
Just put the CD in, press softly at the lower part, let got – and clack! Because of the intelligently shaped profile of the SIGMARAIL® rails, the CD slides into its resting position by itself and fits perfectly – without any annoying re-arrangements.


Patented functionalism
The SIGMARAIL® tilting function is thus clever, innovative, and singular, it has got a copyright by the German Patent Office.



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